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Mini Facelift in Riverside, CA

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Nowadays, the mini facelift is the most popular and common type of facelift performed. In this procedure, Inland Empire plastic surgeon, Dr. Childers, makes small incisions around the ears to target the lower third of the face. He will remove excessive tissue and tighten the remaining for younger-looking, tighter, smoother skin and an overall improved appearance. This procedure is perfect for patients with sagging skin around the mouth, jowls, and neck. Since a mini facelift is less invasive, it can be completed in about 2 hours, or half the time of a traditional facelift. Other benefits from this surgery are minimal scarring and a shorter recovery period, which means less downtime.

Surgical Technique

In a mini facelift, the plastic surgeon addresses the lower portion of the face, namely around the jawline and jowls. A patient will be under general anesthesia during this outpatient procedure at an accredited surgical facility. Small incisions will be made around the ears in the folds and in the hairline to minimize scarring. The plastic surgeon will then be able to tighten and reposition underlying muscles and tissue, which have weakened and become loose over time. Excess skin is trimmed away and the skin is re-draped for a tighter, smoother appearance. Stitches will be used to close up the incisions.

During/After Surgery

The surgery takes around 2 hours to complete and most patients can return home the day of surgery. A bandage will be placed over the face to provide comfort and to protect the surgical site. Mild discomfort and tightness that’s felt afterwards can be alleviated with pain medication or antibiotics. It’s common for patients to experience swelling and bruising and it usually subsides in about 1 week. At this time, many patients are able to resume some normal activities like running errands. Sutures (stitches) will be removed in about 1 week during a follow-up appointment. Within the following weeks, most patients will notice a dramatic improvement in their appearance with more youthful, smoother skin.

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Mini Surgery with Big Results

A mini facelift may be less extensive than a traditional facelift, but it can still deliver some big results. Skin looks younger and better with less surgical time, downtime, and undesirable side effects. To find out if you’re a candidate for this wonderful surgery, we ask that you give our office a call today to schedule a consultation.

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