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Breast Revision with Mastopexy in Riverside, CA

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Some women, who have undergone breast augmentation surgery, may have to consider breast revision surgery later on down the road. With this procedure, the breast implants are removed and/or replaced due to a number of factors. There are also times when a woman needs to address her sagging breasts along with revision surgery, which is accomplished with a breast revision with mastopexy (lift) surgery. Inland Empire board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Childers, will remove or replace the implants, trim away extraneous skin and lift the breasts higher onto the chest wall for a more natural, perkier look. After the surgery, the patient will look better and feel more confident in her appearance.

Surgical Technique

The patient will be under general anesthesia during this outpatient procedure, which will be performed at an accredited surgical facility. The plastic surgeon will make an incision to remove the current implant and place an implant sizer. The surgeon will assess the breast implant pocket and correct issues as needed, such as releasing scar tissue, tightening the pocket, correcting cleavage, and fixing symmetrical issues. The implant sizer is placed in the most appropriate location on the chest, usually under the chest muscle. The sizers are filled until the desired volume is reached.

The doctor will then move to the breast lift portion of the surgery. An incision will be made, usually around the areola to the breast crease. The breast is then reshaped. The doctor will then assess the breasts’ symmetry, shape, and position in order to place the new breast implants. The breast implant sizers are removed and the new implants are placed. If a patient decided beforehand not to get new implants, none will be implanted. The incisions will be stitched and surgical tape will be placed over incisions.

During/After Surgery

After the surgery, a surgical bra and compression wrap will be placed on the patient to decrease bruising and swelling. Most patients can return home the same day. Patients commonly experience pain and discomfort which can be alleviated with pain medication. Dressings should be left on until the next-day follow-up appointment. Most stitches are dissolvable and surgical tape should be left on for a week or so. Due to swelling, your breasts may appear overly large for the first couple of weeks, but this will subside. Most patients can return to work within a few days. In about 6 months, patients will be able to fully realize the effects of the surgery with better shaped and positioned breasts.

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Breast implants behave like normal breasts where they can change shape and size over the years. With breast revision and lift surgery, we can correct all of these issues for you for a perkier, better-shaped bosom. If you would like to learn more, give us a call today to schedule your consultation.

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