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If you have undergone major weight loss, you know that one of the most bothersome, unpleasant side effects is the leftover, loose, and sagging skin on the lower body. Fortunately, there is a solution with a belt lipectomy, or lower body lift. With body lift surgery, you can enjoy the smoother, tighter figure that you lost the weight for in the first place. It involves Riverside, CA board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Childers, surgically eliminating all that excess skin, leaving you with the toned appearance you worked so hard for. The lift targets the stomach, hips, thighs, and/or buttocks.

Sagging skin after weight loss originates from skin losing its elasticity. Gaining weight makes the skin stretch, forcing it to tap into all the elasticity it has; essentially, the skin becomes “overextended.” When the weight is gone, that stretched out skin has no other recourse but to hang there. Sometimes, this is so unattractive that it leads to the person feeling as if he or she would have been better off heavy. After a lower body lift, a patient can enjoy his or her weight loss and realize it was well worth it.

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Lower Body Lift FAQs

How Bad is the Scarring?

While this procedure produces great results, scarring is inevitable. However, every effort is made to create clean incisions and leave a thin scar line. These incisions are also created low to follow the natural bikini line and keep them hidden if a bathing suit is worn. The scars will continue to heal and fade over time. Most patients feel their sleeker, tighter body outweighs the scarring.

Is This Surgery Painful?

Because of the extent of this procedure, patients may feel discomfort during the recovery process. For this reason, patients are required to stay in the hospital for a couple of days to be monitored and will be prescribed pain medication to help minimize pain and discomfort.

Will Insurance Apply?

Yes, insurance may cover some portion of a body lift procedure.  For massive weight loss patients, there may be chronic skin infections or other issues caused by obesity. This varies by patient condition, insurance policy and procedure. Patient benefits will be discussed during the pre-op meeting with one of our billing and insurance coordinators. 

Best Time for Surgery?

Individuals contemplating a lower body lift will need to be at or near their goal weight. If they anticipate losing a significant amount of weight, this needs to happen first. Once the weight has been lost, a physical will be required to ensure the body has stabilized enough to endure surgery.

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