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Elizabeth Perez, RN - Registered Nurse

About Elizabeth

In 2000, registered nurse, Elizabeth Perez, was hired by Dr. Ben Childers to work in outpatient plastic surgery for Loma Linda University. Initially, she worked as a circulating, scrub, and recovery room nurse, getting to work with and learn from Loma Linda’s top plastic surgeons, including Dr. Childers. A few years into her career in plastic surgery, Elizabeth began training in the use of fillers, spider vein injections, lasers, and Botox injections. She found this area exciting and trained with many of the Plastic Surgeons at Loma Linda, learning different techniques in order to gain the best results. To this day, Elizabeth continues to expand her knowledge by taking classes and seminars on new techniques and treatments available, including training in Thermage.

In 2007, Elizabeth began working exclusively with Dr. Childers, which she enjoys immensely. She finds that the collaboration with him, as well as his well-trained licensed aestheticians, helps patients achieve the results they are looking for. This fit seamlessly into her dreams because ever since she was a child, Elizabeth always wanted to become a nurse and never wavered from that career goal. She received her registered nurse licensure in 1988, and began her nursing career at Riverside Community Hospital. Later that year, Elizabeth began working in the Emergency Department, where she spent 12 years in Riverside Community Hospital’s Level II Trauma Center. Once her twins became school-aged, Elizabeth decided it was time to leave the Emergency Department in order to be able to spend more time with them and found herself working with Dr. Childers.